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Jihong Yan Machinery Prognostics and Prognosis Oriented Maintenance Management

This book gives a complete presentatin of the basic essentials of machinery prognostics and prognosis oriented maintenance management, and takes a look at the cutting-edge discipline of intelligent failure prognosis technologies for condition-based maintenance. • Presents an introduction to advanced maintenance systems, and discusses the key technologies for advanced maintenance by providing readers with up-to-date technologies • Offers practical case studies on performance evaluation and fault diagnosis technology, fault prognosis and remaining useful life prediction and maintenance scheduling, enhancing the understanding of these technologies • Pulls togeter recent developments and varying methods into one volume, complemented by practical examples to provide a complete reference

10795.15 RUR



Mark Chambers L. PCs All-in-One For Dummies

A perfect companion for your PC! Whether you use your PC for work or play, there's a lot to learn and a lot of territory to discover, so take along a good guide. Serving up nine meaty minibooks, this All-in-One guide covers essential PC topics from soup through nuts, including the latest on PC hardware, Windows 8, the Internet, all the tools in Office 2013, digital media, troubleshooting and maintenance, upgrading your PC, home networking, and PC gaming. You'll get to know your PC inside and out and find yourself turning to this terrific resource again and again. This new edition features expanded coverage of home networking and desktop gaming, cool hardware for hardcore gamers, exciting new Windows 8 features, and much more. Nine minibooks provide a comprehensive PC overview and include PC Hardware; Windows 8; The Internet; Troubleshooting and Maintenance; Office 2013; Music, Movies, and Photos; Upgrading and Supercharging; Home Networking; and Gaming Explores step-by-step procedures for using the new Windows 8 operating system Delves into the techy nitty-gritty on things like processor speeds, hard drive capacities, and upgrading Reviews ways to protect your PC from viruses, offers troubleshooting tips, and discusses how to supercharge your PC's performance PCs All-in-One For Dummies, 6th Edition covers everything you need to know to get the most out of your PC.

2208.88 RUR



Bavier Michael Practical Golf Course Maintenance. The Magic of Greenkeeping

The revised, bestselling resource of practical, nontechnical advice for maintaining and operating a golf course Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Third Edition presents the latest information and techniques for providing first-rate upkeep and management operations for any golf course. This book's, clear, step-by-step coverage, unencumbered by technical language, includes critical advice on maintaining consistent bunkers, sand top-dressing and aerifying, pesticide storage, and other emerging technologies, as well as mowing techniques for greens, fairways, and tees—and much more! This updated Third Edition offers reliable, state-of-the-art guidance and hundreds of helpful tips with: Major revisions throughout to address the latest information on computer- operated irrigation systems, new equipment for all aspects of course maintenance, water quality and conservation issues, and managing people A clear approach that avoids technical language and scientific citations while delivering practical advice that can be immediately applied on the course Coverage of all aspects of course maintenance from tee to green, along with guidance on managing the course for the rules of the game and managing the business aspects of course management and maintenance Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Third Edition is a valuable tool for golf course owners, architects, builders, golfers, golf professionals, club managers, and superintendents, as well as greens committee members, irrigation specialists, field managers, turfgrass specialists, real estate developers, and landscape architects.

6439.16 RUR



Dennis Bailey Bike Repair and Maintenance For Dummies

By coupling step-by-step instructions and detailed photos and illustrations, Bike Repair & Maintenance For Dummies gives readers the information they need to keep their bikes in working order, often without taking it to the shop.

1261.95 RUR



Epson Maintenance Box for SC-P6000/P70

Epson Maintenance Box for SC-P6000/P70

Liebert 2U MicroPod External maintenance Bypass for UPS GXT3/4 2VA, 19" Rackmount

Liebert 2U MicroPod External maintenance Bypass for UPS GXT3/4 2VA, 19" Rackmount

Pro Plan dry food for sterilized cats and neutered cats, the maintenance of senses, with salmon, Package, 3 kg

Pro Plan dry food for sterilized cats and neutered cats, the maintenance of senses, with salmon, Package, 1.5 kg

Pro Plan dry food for sterilized cats and neutered cats, the maintenance of senses, with salmon, Package, 400 g

Pro Plan dry food for sterilized cats and neutered (for the maintenance of senses), with salmon, 8 x 400 g

Dry food Pro Plan for sterilised cats and neutered (for the maintenance of senses), with salmon, Package, 10 kg

Картридж Canon Maintenance MC-09

Naik Kshirasagar Software Evolution and Maintenance

Provides students and engineers with the fundamental developments and common practices of software evolution and maintenance Software Evolution and Maintenance: A Practitioner’s Approach introduces readers to a set of well-rounded educational materials, covering the fundamental developments in software evolution and common maintenance practices in the industry. Each chapter gives a clear understanding of a particular topic in software evolution, and discusses the main ideas with detailed examples. The authors first explain the basic concepts and then drill deeper into the important aspects of software evolution. While designed as a text in an undergraduate course in software evolution and maintenance, the book is also a great resource forsoftware engineers, information technology professionals, and graduate students in software engineering. Based on the IEEE SWEBOK (Software Engineering Body of Knowledge) Explains two maintenance standards: IEEE/EIA 1219 and ISO/IEC14764 Discusses several commercial reverse and domain engineering toolkits Slides for instructors are available online Software Evolution and Maintenance: A Practitioner’s Approach equips readers with a solid understanding of the laws of software engineering, evolution and maintenance models, reengineering techniques, legacy information systems, impact analysis, refactoring, program comprehension, and reuse.

8636.05 RUR



Michelle Cottrell Guide to the LEED AP Operations and Maintenance (O+M) Exam

Here is the ideal guide for understanding and preparing for the LEED AP O+M exam. Written by an expert who is a LEED consultant and partner at Green Education Services—a premier LEED exam preparation provider—Guide to the LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (O+M) Exam engages readers by breaking down difficult concepts in sustainable design and engineering in a clearly organized, straightforward manner that helps streamline the learning process. Covering the detailed concepts of the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance green building rating system, this book is an all-inclusive resource for achieving successful results on the LEED AP O+M exam.

5681.61 RUR



Модуль Intel RAID Maintenance Free Backup AXXRMFBU4 Single Unit 937318

Meglium Сухой корм Maintenance Adult для взрослых собак с мясом - 15 кг

Meglium Adult Maintenance – здоровый и питательный рацион для взрослых собак всех пород премиум класса. Maintenance обеспечивает организм вашего питомца всеми полезными веществами. Способствует поддержанию его здоровья и сохранению активности животного. Обогащён полезными веществами и произведен из натуральных ингредиентов.

2560.69 RUR

Meglium Сухой корм Meglium Maintenance Adult для взрослых собак с мясом - 15 кг похожие


Carey Merritt Process Steam Systems. A Practical Guide for Operators, Maintainers, and Designers

Comprehensively describes the equipment used in process steam systems, good operational and maintenance practices, and techniques used to troubleshoot system problems Explains how an entire steam system should be properly designed, operated and maintained Includes chapters on commissioning and troubleshooting various process systems and problems Presents basic thermodynamics and heat transfer principles as they apply to good process steam system design Covers Steam System Efficiency Upgrades; useful for operations and maintenance personnel responsible for modifying their systems

6696.9 RUR



Пробы и клейма серебра - silvery.com.ua

Пробы серебра: 800, 830, 875, 925, 960, 999, получили широкое распространение в Российской Федерации, а ...

200piece lot for maintenance konka. Дом и дача в Архангельске - на барахолке

Дом и дача в Архангельске - на барахолке - Барахолка в Архангельске - это бесплатные частные ...

Камера подводная для рыбалки FocusFish, Российского ...

Закажите подводную камеру для рыбалки FocusFish от Российского производителя

Все торги :: Электронная торговая площадка

Страницы: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >> № Торги № лота: Лот: Начальная цена, руб. Организатор торгов

Валютная пара EUR/GBP (Евро/Британский фунт) - это

отношение евро к британскому фунту, показывающее сколько британских фунтов нужно ...

Кухни - купить кухонные гарнитуры, кухонные уголки и мойки ...

Объявления о продаже кухонных гарнитуров, кухонных уголков и моек раздела кухонные ...

Все торги :: Электронная торговая площадка

Электронная Торговая Площадка для реализации имущества должников по банкротству

♥Самое быстрое СП•♥• Огромный выбор- обуви, Милхан, Солди ...

мы с удовольствием взяли бы тапочки с бантиком,нам 23р.тапочки любого цвета (которые за 46 ...

Готовый бизнес в ... - ural-delo.ru

Студия женской Красоты Beauty Club на 8 мест в р-не пр. Ленина : Чистая прибыль в месяц:

Торги: Официальный сайт

Официальный сайт РФ для размещения информации о проведении торгов в отношении ...

Главная - Japan Star

Выберите способ ввоза: ? Автомобили старше 2011 года выпуска невозможно привезти под полную ...

Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle духи женские отзывы ...

Парфюмерная вода Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle для женщин — читай реальные отзывы покупателей и ...

Платья - купить женские платья по выгодной цене с ...

Платья: покупайте товары в интернет-магазине ?Топ-Шоп?. Быстрая доставка. Цены от 1260 руб.?8 ...

Цена контракта

Цена контракта, начальная цена контракта, максимальная цена контракта, обоснование цены ...

ГОСТ Р 53079.4-2008 Технологии лабораторные клинические ...

Содержимое пробирки. Применение. Цвет кода. Пустая, без добавок, для сыворотки. Биохимия ...


Сб, 05 янв 2019 15:40:00 GMTНовости брендов Atelier Cologne и Bond No 9https://aromo.ru/news/events/novosti_brendov_atelier_cologne_i_bond_no_9/Французский нишевый бренд Atelier Cologne в начале лета впервые представил в России свою ...

Газета День в День - объявления и реклама в Батайске

Газета объявлений День в День. Объявления и реклама в Батайске. Изготовление и печать ...

Интернет-магазин - staraya-moneta.ru

Внешние размеры ок. 25х20х6,5 см. Материал изготовления и внутренней отделки - редкие и ценные ...

Самые дорогие монеты России - ищем в кошельке

Самые дорогие монеты России, стоимость, каталоги, разновидности. ... 1. Самые дорогие монеты ...

200piece lot for maintenance konka. Платья - купить женские платья по выгодной цене с ...

Платья: покупайте товары в интернет-магазине ?Топ-Шоп?. Быстрая доставка. Цены от 1260 руб.?8 ...

Дом и дача в Архангельске - на барахолке

Дом и дача в Архангельске - на барахолке - Барахолка в Архангельске - это бесплатные частные ...

Интернет магазин светильников - SvetOnOff Купить люстры и ...

Интернет магазин светильников Svetonoff предлагает купить разнообразные светильники по ...

Картридж Canon Maintenance MC-07

Модуль Intel RAID Maintenance Free Backup AXXRMFBU4 Single Unit 937318

Liebert 2U MicroPod External maintenance Bypass for UPS PSI/PSI-XR/GXT3/4 up to 1.5kVA, 19" Rackmount

Car Mats 3D salon For LADA Xray, 2015-> (sets/lot With drawer), 4 PCs (polyurethane)

100pcs/lot Glasses Cloth Double Velvet Watch Phone For Eyeglasses Cleaner Print Customized Logo

100Pairs/Lot Silicone Ear Hook Strap For Glasses Sunglasses Eyeglasses Chains Lanyards Eyewear Accessories Slipping

20pcs/Lot Ear Thermometer Replacement Lens Filters Probe Cover For Braun Thermoscan Use

ePacket Free 30 pcs/lot , 3.5' ' lotus headband flowers ( 12 colors for chose )

100 pcs/lot , 4cm shabby chiffon flowers rosettes rose for baby headband 16 colors

6pcs/lot , baby girls children crown accessories with elastic headband for chiffon flower DIY

Free shipping, 100 pcs/lot , Felt Rose Flower, Fabric Floral Applique DIY for hair accessories

Divya Shrivastava Machine Tool Reliability

This book explores the domain of reliability engineering in the context of machine tools. Failures of machine tools not only jeopardize users' ability to meet their due date commitments but also lead to poor quality of products, slower production, down time losses etc. Poor reliability and improper maintenance of a machine tool greatly increases the life cycle cost to the user. Thus, the application area of the present book, i.e. machine tools, will be equally appealing to machine tool designers, production engineers and maintenance managers. The book will serve as a consolidated volume on various dimensions of machine tool reliability and its implications from manufacturers and users point of view. From the manufacturers' point of view, it discusses various approaches for reliability and maintenance based design of machine tools. In specific, it discusses simultaneous selection of optimal reliability configuration and maintenance schedules, maintenance optimization under various maintenance scenarios and cost based FMEA. From the users' point of view, it explores the role of machine tool reliability in shop floor level decision- making. In specific, it shows how to model the interactions of machine tool reliability with production scheduling, maintenance scheduling and process quality control.

14518.32 RUR



#AD17075 Free Shipping Ribbon Bow Hairpins For Girls Hello Kitty Packing Hair Barrette 50pcs/lot

30 pcs/lot , 3'' rose shiny shabby flower for hair accessories baby headband

Liebert 2U MicroPod External maintenance Bypass for UPS PSI/PSI-XR/GXT3/4 up to 1.5kVA, 19" Rackmount

ePacket Free 50 pcs/lot , 6cm shabby rose chiffon flowers for baby girl headband hair Accessories

ePacket 180 pcs/lot ,2.2 Chiffon Flower with leaf Apparel Flower,(30 colors for choose )

60 pcs/lot , 3'' shiny shabby rose flower fabric for apperal accessories

15 pcs/lot , Knotted Nylon Headband Top Knot Turban head wraps for Birthday Party gift

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